84% of people have decided not to buy something online, because the product image was not good enough.

product photography by 2020pvLast month we came across this fantastic article called “Photography affects online sales” by Tim Bilsborough. It was exciting for us because it put what we already believed into facts and figures.

At 2020 we’ve always believed that good product shots really do work, and help to sell products, but now we have proof in the form of an impartial survey. The statistics speak for themselves, reinforcing that trying to cut corners on images and photography is one of the biggest mistakes a company can make.


In this digital age where people are constantly in contact with increasingly effective photography, businesses need to go that extra distance to get a photo that really stands out. A good example to compare effective and poor photography is on eBay. If you take a look at this genuine screenshot from eBay you will notice a vast difference in just these four images. Which would you buy?

The example of a USB is even more effective as they should all perform the same task to a similar standard and are largely featureless. So apart from their capacity and price, the image is the only element people have to choose between them.A second great example comes from this Wine blog, with something as simple as a bottle there are still lots of different elements that can make or break a great shot. They put it perfectly: “It’s important to have awesome looking bottle shots. You’ll make a good first impression, boost customer confidence, and support marketing efforts outside ecommerce, such as print collateral, advertising, and signage.”

In general the public are taking increasingly better photos in their spare time and are much more savvy to a poor quality image. These photos are also being constanly uploaded and published on social networking sites, with over 55% of people putting their images up on Facebook.  Consequently, low quality commercial photography is no longer acceptable.

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The same goes for design and publishing software, people now more than ever are opinionated on poor design. With the rise of platforms like Pinterest people are exposed to hundreds of  high quality photos and designs everyday, they will no longer settle for less. Don’t let your imagery let you down and if you’d like any advice please give us a call on 0113 272 0277.