Apple TV and Capture One: The Perfect Partnership

Apple TV Pic in pic

New in the studio this month is our Apple TV. We’ve just about managed to resist the temptation of watching talking cats on YouTube! Instead we’ve linked it to our Capture One software so that clients can watch their shoot snap by snap from the comfort of our sofas – crisps and chocolate provided.




Linking the camera to our studio iPad allows you to either flick through previous shots or use the app to capture new ones, these are then relayed from the iPad to the Apple TV which displays on a 32” flat screen. Our photographers love it because it means they don’t have lots of people crowded around their monitors and they can fire a shot from anywhere and not just from behind the camera. Everyones a winner.

Dan from White Meadow was one of first clients to take advantage of it. This is what he had to say about it:

“Its great, it allows me to sit back and look at the photos from a comfortable position. I can then flick through them nice and easily and compare the different shots. Its me who’s got control and I can just skip through them while the photographer gets on. Sometimes the difference between shots is very subtle, just a slight change in lighting so it’s great to be able to see it on a big screen. You get a bit more space rather than crowding round a screen and its the flexibility that I really like.”

I also had a word with Leon our Photographer:

“Shooting off the ipad was good, in some ways it was a bit of gimmick in that you could show and explain what was going to the client without being next to the Mac. Its a real advantage being able to walk onto the set with a screen in your hand, and really pinpoint what you were trying to achieve with the lighting or whichever element you are altering. It also helped with an item that was being back lit from below; being able to fire the camera while adjusting the light, and it all being done in a matter of seconds was fantastic. Before you would have to adjust the light, then go to the camera, and then finally to the Mac to view it, and repeat that process many times. It really helps the client as well because they can see the journey you’ve been on, and they can go back a few shots and identify something they really like and ask you to go back to that”

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