AES Encrypted USB’s

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AES Encrypted USB’s

If you are looking for a secure method of storing data look no further than an AES encrypted USB drive.

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is an approved International Standard.   It is so highly secure it has been adopted by the US Government and other Intelligence Agencys around the globe.

How does AES encryption work?

An AES chip is built on to the flash drive providing a hardware encrypted system.  This allows automatic transfer of data to and from the encrypted USB.  Its faster and more secure than a software based encryption system which is based on a program stored on a pc or mac.

Word of warning!

After multiple failed password attempts the hardware will delete any data stored on the USB and reset the AES encrypted USB to the default factory setting.

Do take a secure back up of any data stored on a USB just in case you forget your password.  If erased there is no possibility of retrieving the data.


When first setting up a password do make use of the password hint option availabe on the password set up screen.

Available Memory

2020 can supply AES encrypted USB’s with as little as 215mb to as much as 128GB!


Up to 4 spot colours can be printed onto models of AES encrypted USB’s.

Lead times for branded USB’s are typically four weeks.

Further information

Please contact 2020 at 0113 272 0277 for further information and for current prices.