Furniture photography requires a particular skill and approach. At 2020 we have established a reputation as experts in the field.

Our 6,000 sq ft drive-in warehouse studio allows ample space to build a variety of room sets to represent every room in the home, including a full working kitchen. The setting for your furniture can be expertly designed by a room stylist, showing your product to its best advantage.

We keep a stock of items with which to build room sets, from smaller props such as lamps, ornaments, cushions and curtains, to a wide range of doors, windows, floor and wall coverings, staircases, mantelpieces, and furniture to complement your products. We can set up a variety of room styles, from traditional to rustic to contemporary, and anything we don’t have in situ we can source for you.

The 2020 studio also has a 16ft wide x 10ft high infinity curve, allowing us to shoot furniture of any size on a plain background. This can then be digitally cut out for use in a catalogue, on promotional material or online, or placed against a digitally manipulated or enhanced background.

At 2020, we are known for building good customer relationships – we communicate closely with all our clients and our attention to detail is second to none. We will plump up cushions, polish tables and digitally remove marks or enhance colours on all your furniture photography. The large amount of repeat business we get from our clients is testament to our success at furniture photography.


Our talented photographers will bring their expertise to lighting andshooting your furniture in the best way possible – and with an in-house design team and print management services all under one roof, we can offer an all-inclusive, bespoke package that will save you time and keep your costs down.

Whether you are specialists in one particular type of furniture or a whole range of products, call us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs or visit our Furniture Photography Portfolio for inspiration.


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