Product Photography


With the increase in online sales, most companies today will need website photography for their products.

As so many people choose or buy products based on information they see on a website, it’s extremely important that your website photography shows off the product clearly and to its best advantage. It’s also often helpful to have different shots of a product taken from different angles, shots that show off particular features and images that show the product in close up or cross section.

website photography by 2020At 2020, we have expert professional photographers who will take great care over lighting and shooting your products, from smaller items such as jewellery, electrical components and clothes to larger products such as home furniture, sports equipment and industrial products.

With a 6,000 sq ft warehouse and a 16ft wide x 10ft high infinity curve, we are able to tackle any kind of product photography for websites. Our medium format studio digital cameras allow all shots to be tethered straight to the computer, which means images can be viewed on screen as pictures are taken in real time.

After the shoot, images are art worked to clean them up and remove any unwanted marks. We will also ensure that images are colour matched to the product, especially important if the customer will be choosing the item specifically for its colour, for example with home furnishings and decor, clothing and items such as jewellery. If necessary, any digital manipulation is done at this stage.

The high-resolution print-quality images can then be converted to RGB files and provided in low resolution ready to be loaded on to the client’s website. As an additional service, we can watermark images with the client’s logo for protection.

At 2020, we pride ourselves in our excellent relationships with our clients and we will be happy to discuss your website product photography at all stages of the process, to ensure that you are happy with the end result.


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Product Photography at Exhibitions

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The Importance of Professional Product Photography

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