Commercial Product photographers

Product photography is everywhere online, in print and on are tv or streaming devices. So there is ever increasing importance when bringing a new product into this over saturated market to make sure it stands out head and shoulders above the rest!

Here at TWENTY20 Creative, we are specialists in product photography with over 85 years of experience and expertise, mastering the art of perfect product placement and image representation.

In the ever-prevalent world of online shopping, where millions of products sell online every second, there’s a great need for good, clean, product photography. Different types of product will require very different approaches to showcase that particular product and maximise its selling potential. A bottle of perfume for example, will require a different lighting approach than product packaging.

Packaging photographers

We work with many product packaging companies on a monthly basis. They require us not only to photograph their packing to a high standard, highlight the materials the packaging is made from and maintain a colour accurate representation of the design and any other elements.

The colours used on packaging when captured by a digital camera can be slightly mis interpreted and not be true to real life this is called Metamerism “Metamerism is a phenomenon that occurs when two colors appear to match under one lighting condition, but not when the light changes. Metameric matches are quite common, especially in near neutral colors like grays, whites, and dark colors like these.

“  We have the facility to Quality Control every colour used on the packaging and using our colour calibrated light box and specialist equipment we can guarantee 

Sometimes a great clean and simple image is not enough, and the client requires a little more, this allows us to bring our creative expertise to the table and include a high level of ideas development and put forward proposals to implement and execute resulting in not only a fantastic product but, a fantastic product with a sense of place and a meaning to elevate it above similar in its class.


At 2020, we tailor our services to your specific needs and pride ourselves in building excellent relationships with all our clients. Our photographers and designers work closely with you to produce professional, creative and effective images and printed material that will make your brand stand out from the crowd. Whatever your budget, we will always work to high standards.

Our professional photographers will liaise directly with you to establish your needs, advise on costs and devise the most impactful way to shoot your products. We offer a bespoke service: you tell us your requirements and we’ll find a way to provide you with the images you need. By showing your products to their best advantage both online and in your printed material, we can help you win new customers and increase your sales.

As specialists in product photography and room-set photography – in particular furniture photography – we will show your products to their best advantage and produce great results – on time, every time.



The 2020 team are proficient in most areas of commercial photography, including:

Room-set Photography

Product Photography

Furniture Photography

Food Photography

Portrait Photography

Location Photography



We understand that the key to successful photography is preparation and lighting. Our attention to detail is second to none: we will remove fingerprints, plump up cushions and try out different angles, layouts and lighting until everything looks perfect.

With a spacious 6,000 sq ft drive-in warehouse studio, a 16ft wide x 10ft high infinity curve and a variety of room sets including a working kitchen, we are able to tackle any kind of product and room-set photography. We can provide stylists, models and props, and we also have the facilities to go out on location shoots.

Photographs are emailed to you for approval before high-resolution versions are sent to you on disk, and all of your images will also be stored in our photographic library.

If you would like to see some examples of our photography, then please visit our Commercial Photography Portfolio.

Whether you’re preparing a catalogue, sales brochure, website or any other marketing material, call us today and trust your photography to experts in the field.

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