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Getting Started

By entrusting 2020 with your room set photography, you can be sure that your products will be shown at their best. Our professional photographers will liaise with you to establish your needs and requirements, advise on costs and work with stylists to devise the most impactful way to shoot your products within a room set. Prior to the shoot, we can provide the option of an overhead plan showing how the set will look; we can also send you past examples of our work to show you how your products could look and focus your ideas. Our medium format studio digital cameras allow all shots to be tethered straight to the computer, which means the photographer – and the customer – can view the images on screen as the pictures are taken in real time. The images are then sent to the client by email for comments and feedback – alternatively, clients are welcome to attend the shoot should they have time. Images are also artworked to clean them up and any digital manipulation is done at this stage. Our professional photographers will be happy to discuss your room set photography at all stages of the process, to ensure that you are happy with the end result.  


For the most effective room set photography we strongly recommend using a professional stylist. Not only will they bring their expertise to bear on the décor and the props, they can also work to your budget to source and supply many of the items needed, including buying and hiring furniture and ornaments that we don’t already have in our prop store. The key to successful room-set photography is preparation and lighting. Usually the preparation will take longer than the actual shoot as it is essential that the lighting and staging are carefully planned before the first picture is taken. At 2020, we work closely with the stylist to create the right environment for your room set photography. We will take great pains to build, paint, dress and light the set appropriately. In tandem with the stylist, we will design a set that suits your product, whether it’s a simple, bright contemporary room for budget dining furniture or an opulent bedroom to showcase a luxury mattress. At 2020, our attention to detail is second to none. As well as working with the stylist to create the overall look of the room, we will plump up sofa cushions and remove loose threads, clean fingerprints from chrome table legs or glass bottles and make sure that products are beautifully displayed at their absolute best. In addition to large-scale room set photography, we are able to provide close up photography and cross-section photography, so that you can show the full detail of your product, from construction to texture and materials.  

Using Models

Room set photography can often benefit from a model to demonstrate the product, give it scale or simply add a lifestyle element to the picture. At 2020, we have an excellent relationship with a local modelling company, which allows us to source and book models at cost-effective rates, saving our clients the time and trouble. Although we recommend the use of professional models for a room set photography shoot, we are also happy to work with your staff or choice or models should you prefer. We can also advise on the most suitable wardrobe for the model – from dressing gowns to evening wear – and we can either provide clothes or ask the model to bring their own appropriate garments. Equally, if you would like the model in specific clothing, such as a business suit or your company’s uniform, we can work with you to ensure the model is appropriately dressed.
Child Models
Our photographers are CRB checked to work with children and have extensive experience of room set photography with child models, from toy photography to furniture photography to lifestyle photography shots.  


Although we take great pains to prepare items for photography prior to starting the shoot, there are always aspects of any image that will need cleaning up or correcting. With room set photography, there is the additional issue of minor defects on walls or floors. Using Photoshop, we are able to enhance your photography, cleaning up the images, removing any marks, scratches, loose threads, picture hook holes etc, straightening vertical lines and digitally adjusting the colours and tones. At 2020, we have colour-calibrated monitors for careful colour matching. This is especially important when we are undertaking work for clients whose product photography has to match the product closely, such as tile photography, carpet photography, furniture photography, industrial or household paint photography and many others. By getting your colours right, we will help keep your customers happy and avoid costly returns. Artworking is an artform in itself, and our commitment to attention to detail will help make your room set photography the best it can be.  


Our aim at 2020 is not only to produce great room set photography but also to provide you with the most cost-effective options. We offer a bespoke service for each of our clients and will tailor our approach to suit your budget. Although in many cases you get what you pay for, you can rest assured that whatever your budget, we will always work to high standards. Most room set photography pricing is based on evaluating how much time it will take us to set up and photograph your product on the set. We won’t embark on your room set photography until we have agreed a brief and a pricing structure with you and we will always advise you if extra costs are likely to be incurred. These can include such things as the cost of a stylist, models, paint and props. We are delighted that many of our clients come back to us again and again for their room set photography. This means that we can work efficiently and effectively with them and understand their needs from the word go, which makes for a successful and cost-effective shoot.
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