Table Furniture


Table photography requires careful preparation and lighting, especially where there are reflective surfaces such as chrome, glass and polished wood.

You may be aiming to sell a particular lifestyle, in which case you may like to have a model or a group of models sitting around your table. Our excellent relationship with a local modelling company allows us to source and book models at cost-effective rates, saving you the time and trouble.

Our expert photographers will ensure that your tables are carefully lit and styled before any shots are taken. They will polish the surfaces, remove any scratches or marks – either through cleaning or digital artworking – and ensure that there are no unwanted reflections in the surfaces.

If your table is being showcased within a room set, such as a dining table in a dining room, a coffee table in a living room, or an occasional table in a hallway, we will build a set appropriate to the table and provide décor in the appropriate style, from contemporary, to country cottage, to traditional. We can style a coffee table with books or ornaments, or lay a table for dinner, and we also have a working kitchen should you need to place a table in a kitchen setting or require crockery or food to set it off.

For catalogues or brochures, our infinity curve is large enough to accommodate any table size and allows our photographers to light and shoot the table, digitally cut it out, clean it up and place it against a suitable background. We can also shoot close ups of your table to show a particular angle or feature.