Furniture Photography


For the most effective furniture photography we strongly recommend using a professional stylist.

Not only will they bring their expertise to bear on the décor and the props, they can also work to your budget to source and supply many of the items needed, including buying and hiring furniture and ornaments that we don’t already have in our warehouse storage.


Furniture Photography Using a StylistThe key to successful furniture photography is preparation and lighting. Usually the preparation will take longer than the actual shoot as it is essential that the lighting and staging are carefully planned before the first picture is taken.

At 2020PV, we work closely with the stylist to create the right environment for your furniture photography. We will take great pains to build, paint, dress and light the set appropriately. In tandem with the stylist, we will design a set that suits your product, whether it’s a simple, bright contemporary room for budget dining furniture or an opulent bedroom to showcase a luxury mattress.

At 2020PV, our attention to detail is second to none. As well as working with the stylist to create the overall look of the room, we will plump up sofa cushions and remove loose threads, clean fingerprints from chrome table legs or glass bottles and make sure that products are beautifully displayed at their absolute best.

In addition to photographing your furniture within a room set, we are able to provide close up photography and cross-section photography, so that you can show the full detail of your product, from construction to texture and materials.

For those working to a budget, we are happy to style your furniture and room set for you.

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