Bedroom Furniture


Photographing beds, mattresses and bedroom furniture usually requires a room set to show them off to their best advantage.

For catalogues and brochures requiring bedroom furniture photography, our infinity curve is large enough to accommodate any size of bed or furniture and allows our photographers to light and shoot the item, digitally cut it out, clean it up and place it against a suitable background.

At 2020, we have the facility to build a variety of room sets, depending on the style of your bed or bedroom furniture. Working with a room stylist, we will ensure that the setting fits in with to your bed and bedroom furniture, from the paint colours and window treatments down to the skirting boards. We will also dress the room with appropriate furniture and pictures.

Our photographers are experts in lighting and will take great pains to create the right mood and setting for your bed and bedroom furniture photography. We can shoot the bed as it is, highlight details of the mattress, base or headboard or dress it with bedding. We can also provide close ups or cross sections to illustrate, for example, the grain of the wood or the interior springs and padding of the mattress. Our photographers understand the importance of getting the right framework when photographing beds and will work out the best angle as well as ensuring the carpet and wall coverings fit in with the style of the bed without competing for attention.

If you would like models to add a lifestyle element to the shot, our excellent relationship with a local modelling company allows us to source and book models at cost-effective rates, saving you the time and trouble.



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