Sometimes a picture doesn’t tell the whole story. Let us grab your customer’s attention with a beautifully produced product video
Video content is everywhere! As the requirement for video content has grown, (and continues to do so), the 2020 team have been commissioned to create videos that are both engaging and educational.

Many of our clients are now choosing to combine their studio room set photography and video creation, saving both time and money.

Alongside the studio and location videos that we create, we also have an in-house C.A.A. licensed Drone team who are on call to support your project.

Contact the team at our studio to discuss your requirements for Product / Services / Training videos.


2020’s x feet studio is fully equipped to shoot video for any purpose. We can build bespoke room sets to house your product complete with lighting for any mood and integrate video production as part of our usual photography pipeline or move a camera around it to create seamless 360 views


2020 has it’s own in-house team of graphics specialists who can edit, enhance and render your video to perfection; adding text, audio, fades or even the same realistic visual effects that they’re adept at creating for more traditional photography projects


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Our New Service: Product Video!

Our New Service: Product Video!

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