Illustration is an important area of design, which can be used to complement text, photography, charts and graphs. A striking hand-drawn image can bring your promotional material to life or illustrate a particular aspect of your company, services or product in an original way. Illustration makes an impact.

Graphic design illustrationWhether you’re looking for a one-off illustration or a series of images as part of a larger commission, such as a sales brochure, we can offer the full package.

Unlike many design studios, our in-house design team are able to offer freehand drawing and illustration as well as graphic design.


This can include specialised technical illustrations for brochures, including cross-sections and close-up details of a particular item, or freehand drawing of designs to run through a brochure, website or other promotional material.


At 2020, we always consult closely with our clients to ensure they are happy with the finished illustration. Depending on your requirements, we can either produce an illustration from scratch or we can use your preferred image or images as a starting point from which to produce an alternative version or amalgamation.


Our illustrations are drawn freehand on a graphics tablet, which allows for easy alterations, printing and emailing. It also means we can digitally manipulate hand-drawn illustrations to create special effects.

What is cut-out photography?

What is cut-out photography?

Cut-out photography, in it’s simplest form, it is your product, perfectly lit, photographed and then outputted as a high resolution image. In most cases, you will find cut out images on a white coloured background. This allows your customers to view your product ‘as...

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