For perfect results every time, our digital retouching and manipulation service will clean up your images and documents and give them a more professional look.

Often images and old documents come to us for printing with stains, scratches, tears or other marks. We can clean them up to look like new and store a digital copy so that we can go back and print them on demand, again and again.

With new work, our designers are experts at looking at an image and working out the subtle touches that will improve it. With product photography this could involve removing fingerprints or cutting out the product in order to set it on a different background. With room-set photography, it might involve more significant work such as straightening vertical lines, taking out the line of a wall partition or removing a distracting detail such as a window dressing or redundant piece of furniture.

For charts, graphs, maps and hand-drawn illustrations, we can add colour to highlight particular parts of the image or for specific lettering.

At 2020, we have colour-calibrated monitors for careful colour matching. This is especially important when we are undertaking work for clients whose product photography has to match the product closely. By getting your colours right, we will help keep your customers happy and avoid costly returns. 

We can also use digital retouching to adjust colours and tones, for example to give an item such as a piece of furniture a stronger colour or to match it to the exact colour of the client’s branding. In addition, we can add the client’s logo to an item in a photograph, such as a pen or shirt.


Digital manipulation allows us to be creative with design to make more of an impact. Some product photography requires a specialised setting that cannot be recreated in our studios and for this we use digital manipulation. This allows us to take the shot of the product then set it against an appropriate background, which is digitally added to the image. For this kind of work, we will take great pains to match up the image and the background, ensuring that colours, lighting and shadows are all correct. We can also add special effects to the finished image.

Digital retouching and manipulation are an artform in themselves. Our knowledge of printing and our attention to detail will ensure that your images turn out exactly how you want them every time.

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