Branding and Corporate ID


Your branding and corporate ID reflect what sort of business you are and so it’s important to get them right. Consistency is the key: keeping the same logo, style and colours throughout your promotional material, business cards, signage and website.

Although we are happy to come in at any stage of the proceedings, the most effective way to create a consistent message across your products and services is to work with the same team from the start. This allows us to liaise with you and understand how to best represent the values of your business through your brand.

When developing your branding and corporate ID, we will start by establishing who your company is and what it’s about, which will enable us to create a visual that is instantly recognisable as belonging to your company. We then produce a range of different options based on our discussions with you and ask for your feedback. Often one logo or set of designs will stand out, but if not we are happy to amalgamate different aspects of several designs. 

At 2020, we like to build up a good relationship with our clients and work closely with you on your branding and corporate ID.

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