White background photography by 2020pvAs experts in product photography, the 2020PV team works hard to keep our clients happy and ensure their products are shown at their best.

Experience has taught us a few essential tips that will ensure the best results, save you money and help your shoot go without a hitch.

Here are our top tips for product photography:

1. Leader of the pack – Products sent to our studios for product photography need to be packed well enough to avoid damage, but not so well that it takes us half a day to unpack them. Think carefully about how you pack your products and it will save our time and your money.

2. Clean up – Our photographers are sticklers for detail and will ensure that your products are clean, free from fingerprints and in a good condition before the first click. They will also ‘clean up’ the image digitally at the artworking stage. However, if you take the time to prepare your products in advance, it will give our photographers more time to concentrate on what they do best – excellent product photography.

3. Shaping up – Horizontal or vertical? If you know that your product photography is bound for a particular shape of catalogue, ad or website space, please do let us know. It means we won’t waste your time and money taking the wrong kind of shots. Equally, if you need space around the product for logos or lettering or want the image to sit in a particular place on your website. With product photography destined for a catalogue or brochure, it’s important to be aware if an image will spread across two pages as there may be staples or binding to work around.

4. Model behaviour – Choosing the right model to work with your product is essential. Think about who your target audience is: you wouldn’t use a teenage girl to promote golf clubs any more than you would use a middle-aged man to show off delicate jewellery. Work out whether your model needs to be an ordinary person whom your customer will associate with or someone glamorous selling an aspirational lifestyle product.

5. A cut above? – Will your product look at its best cut out and displayed on a white background? Or would it benefit from being set in context, eg a vase set on a shelf or a bottle of rum on a bar top. If you’re unsure, our photographers can advise or take a variety of shots for you to choose from.