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When carrying out timber product photography, it’s important to remember that wood is an organic product with natural variations in texture and grain. The 2020 photographers will take great pains to ensure that your timber product photography is expertly lit and shot to show the detail of the grain and the knots, the warmth of the wood and its finish, as well as the quality of craftsmanship in a timber product.

Commercial Product Photographers In addition to photographing timber for suppliers, we can shoot any kind of wooden products, such as: timber product photography - contact us

  • Fencing
  • Decking
  • Benches
  • Garden furniture
  • Gates
  • Bird tables

Timber products can be shot in our large studio or out on location. If you are looking for a lifestyle shot, for example with garden furniture, we can source appropriate models at a reasonable cost from a local modelling agency. We can also digitally cut out products to place against an exterior setting to save on the cost of an on-location shoot.timber product photography - contact us Interior shots might include wooden furniture, interior and exterior doors, staircases, window frames, skirting boards and floorboards. At 2020 we have the space and the facilities to build bespoke room sets for your timber products, from a wooden fruit bowl to a large expanse of flooring. Once we have completed the shoot, we can ensure that the timber product is digitally colour matched, especially important for products where the customer is looking for a specific colour or finish, as with wooden flooring.   Commercial Product Photographers  

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