Our room set photography showcases your products to their best advantage in their natural environment. If you want to display your products in a desirable way, 2020 can help by providing professional room set photography.

Within our 6,000 sq ft studio, we have the facilities to shoot your product in any room in the home. As well as providing smaller props from lamps and ornaments to cushions and curtains, we have a range of furniture, staircases, mantelpieces, floor and wall coverings, and a selection of doors and windows, including windows with shutters and patio doors with photographic garden view. We can also cover a variety of styles from traditional to rustic to contemporary. Anything we don’t have in situ, we can source for you. We also have a full working kitchen.

So whether you are preparing a catalogue, sales brochure, website or any other marketing material, trust your room set photography toexperts in the field.

Please click the button below to contact us, or view our room set photography portfolio for inspiration.

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Commercial Room Set Photography – Top Tips

Commercial Room Set Photography – Top Tips

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Insight into Commercial Photography

Insight into Commercial Photography

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