Our built-in, fully functional kitchen makes food photography a piece of cake for us.

When working with food, we strongly recommend the use of a food stylist in order to capture the best images of your food and related products.

We can also provide props such as crockery, cutlery and serving dishes for your food photography. We will take great pains with lighting and staging prior to starting the shoot.

In some cases you may need room set photography to show your food products in situ, such as in a dining room or garden patio. We can build an appropriate set and work with a stylist to provide the best setting for your food photography.

Food photography can also often benefit from the use of models to demonstrate the product, give it scale or help place it in an appropriate setting, such as the home or garden. At 2020, we have an excellent relationship with a local modelling company, which allows us to source and book models at cost-effective rates, saving our clients the time and trouble. Our photographers are also CRB checked to work with children should it be necessary to bring in child models for your food photography.

After the shoot, we will artwork all your images on the computer to mop up any spills and remove and small marks, scratches or blemishes. We will also colour correct the images, which is essential for food photography, where you want your products to look as delicious and tasty as possible.


How to move your products and services to the top of the class…

How to move your products and services to the top of the class…

Ok – so the summer holidays are almost done and it will soon be time to go back to school & back to work!

Now is the time to get focused on your sales and marketing program.

Some people may already have a head start with this, but there’s plenty of time to get your project off the ground.

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How We Can Place Your Products & Services in Their Best Light

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