Commercial Room Set Photography – Top Tips

Roomset furniture photography

As experts in room set photography, the 2020PV team works hard to keep our clients happy and ensure their products are shown at their best.

Experience has taught us a few essential tips that will ensure the best results, save you money and help your shoot go without a hitch.

Here are our top tips for room set photography:

Location, location, location – The setting for the product should reflect the lifestyle of the client’s target customers. There is no point in placing a glass and chrome dining table in a country cottage-style dining room. Equally, you wouldn’t stage a room with contemporary décor to showcase an antique dresser.

Higher, higher, lower, lower – The nature of your product will have a significant impact on the framework of the room. A new range of flooring, a rug or a coffee table will require low windows and smart skirting board. Wallpaper, curtains or wall lights will need to be shot from a higher angle and the room will need styling to suit. Colours are also important, if you want to highlight a beautiful wooden floor, you won’t want it to be competing with an overbearing wallpaper.

Shaping up – Horizontal or vertical? If you know that your room set photography is bound for a particular shape of catalogue, advert or website space, please do let us know. It means we won’t waste your time and money taking the wrong kind of shots. Equally, if you need space around the product for logos or lettering or want the image to sit in a particular place on your website. With room set photography destined for a catalogue or brochure, it’s important to be aware if an image will spread across two pages as there may be staples or binding to work around.

Model behaviour – Choosing the right model to work with your product is essential. Think about who your target audience is: you wouldn’t use a teenage girl to promote the latest expensive flat-screen TV any more than you would have a middle-aged man playing with children’s toys. Work out whether your model needs to be an ordinary person whom your customer will associate with or someone glamorous selling an aspirational lifestyle product.

Be prepared – Room set photography is a long and complex business. Whether you’re selling a sofa or a standard lamp, make sure that you give us detailed information about your product, the demographic of your customers and the sort of room set you are envisaging. Keep in regular touch and let us know if there are any changes to your products or dates.

Roomset Build for Furniture Photography

Insight into Commercial Photography

Roomset Photography by 2020pv

This is a personal insight into commercial photography by a non-photographer individual!

Before you read any further about my insight into commercial photography I must point out that I am not a photographer at 2020.  Indeed, my photography experience is limited to impromptu photographs of family and our pet dog on my iphone!

I do have 5 years of experiences in our commercial photography studio where I have seen many varied photoshoots.   Whilst making coffee or showing visitors around you can’t help but look across 2020’s large open plan studio and be curios about what shoots are happening right there and then.

My own photography technique is simply to look at my iphone screen to make sure I have to a full view of my subject normally child or/and dog and then click the button.   Although this happens in the studio it is very much at the end of a very detailed and skilled process where the commercial photographers take care and attention in the set up of the shot.

Take a simple plain background product shot for instance.  Our commercial photographers take a brief from the client, consider the page layout if relevant, identify the best focal point of the product, place the product in situ, set the lighting up then finally click and check the shot and adjust accordingly!  This process is applied to every product shot.

As more props are added to a set the more the commercial photographer has to consider and take into account during the set up of the shot.  For instance, adding cushions to a sofa will obviously be the appropriate colour and style but would need to be aligned, perfectly straight and plump and lit correctly to highlight the required aspect of the product.

Now you might begin to wonder what is involved in the set up of a roomset build including models and share my admiration of what skills our commercial photographers have acquired to achieve the final shots such as the one below!

Roomset Photography by 2020pv

Add children to the equation and then I understand how experience and skill combined is required to achieve a professional shot.

If you would like to know more about the process of commercial photography at 2020 please see our commercial photography portfolio.