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2020 Food Photography Leeds

At 2020 we are passionate about food photography. We also run a Promotional merchandice department meaning we are always on top of whats hot in the world of PM. So when we saw these brandable herb grinders we had to have them!




Have you ever spent a frustrating amount of time chopping up herbs for a garnish only to find you’ve got it all over the kitchen? This herb grinder is the perfect soloution. It’s stainless steel blades are great at producing a fine even garnish. You can even try mixing fresh herbs in it to produce a more exciting garnish or rub.

It took some thyme but we ground out the shot and we think that it looks mint!

2020 Food Photography Leeds


Using our creative side, a bit of patience and a lot of parsley, corriender, dill, chives, thyme and rosemary we came up with these fun photos to promote the grinder. Not only did it look and smell fantastic but it would make a great rub for a nice leg of lamb!

If you would be interested in making use of our food photography service then why not pop in and we can give you one of our new grinders and have a chat about your requirements. Give us a call on 0113 272 0277 for more information. 

5 Top Tips on Food Photography


The aim of food photography is to show food that looks good enough to eat.

Because creating excellent promotional images of food requires experience and expertise, you should always use a professional commercial photographer. Skimping on costs by looking for cheap food photography is a false economy: it’s much better to invest in high-quality photography that will show your food products to their best advantage.



  1. Use a kitchen setting

Any commercial photographers who take a professional approach to food photography will have a kitchen on site. Having installed a fully functioning, permanent kitchen at the 2020 studios, we can prepare your food on the premises so that it looks as fresh as possible on the final image.

It also means that there’s a ready-made setting for the shot, so if you’re looking for lifestyle photography this can be accommodated and we can also source models when required. Along with the room sets that we often build to showcase our clients’ furniture, flooring and décor, it means we can recreate any room in a house.

  1. Hire a good food technician

Using a food technician or food stylist will vastly improve your food photography. Whatever the product, they have the expertise to make it look as good as it possibly can – or even better than it is!

Using fresh food for your shoot will result in a better quality image and a food technician can help to keep the food looking fresh for the duration of the session. At 2020, we have a food technician who works with us to achieve the best images of your food.

  1. Get the setting right

In food photography, the food is the star but the background and setting are also important. At 2020, we believe that preparation is key for any shoot.

Food photography may require clean, bright close-up shots with a soft focus background, or images that show the product in a particular setting. Whatever the product, a good photographer will spend time preparing the setting before starting the shoot.


This warming winter soup is perfectly complimented by the rustic loaf and appropriate crockery. The use of the garnish surrounding the bowl helps to continue the comforting feel and give the food a setting and situation.


  1. Add garnishes and props

With a little thought and care, additional items such as garnishes and props can dramatically improve your food photography. Table dressings and crockery, along with food and drink items associated with the product being shot, can make a big difference to the feel of the image and can be chosen to complement the food.

Depending on the product, the props and garnishes may fit into several categories, such as rustic, classic, contemporary or ultra-modern. A rustic loaf of bread, for example, could be shown on a solid oak table next to a carafe of wine, rather than a bottle. A new dessert being launched in contemporary packaging could be shown on a slate plate with a simple stylish table setting.

This more contemporary shot makes use of soft focus in the background to highlight the Salmon roll, which is the focus of the piece. It’s well lit and clean, which mirrors the style and presentation of the food.


5. Lighting the shot

Whenever possible, natural daylight is usually the best option for photographing food. Otherwise, you will need to work with a commercial studio that has the expertise to create a close representation of daylight.

A good commercial photographer will also know how to create a mood using light and how to ensure there are no unwanted shadows or reflections on the final image.

Fast food is a perfect example of the difference using a food technician and a professional photography team can make to your regular food photography. This video made by the kings of fast food McDonalds shows exactly how they get what you see on the menu display looking so different from what you end up eating in the box.


 If you’d like to find out more about the food photography services we provide at 2020, call us today on 0113 272 0277 or email us. You might also like to look at our Food Photography pages.