What is cut-out photography?

Cut-out photography, in it’s simplest form, it is your product, perfectly lit, photographed and then outputted as a high resolution image. In most cases, you will find cut out images on a white coloured background. This allows your customers to view your product ‘as is’ in a clear and descriptive way.

Cut out images are everywhere!

Although many people will think of E-commerce applications, such as your Company Website, Amazon & Ebay when they think of cut out images – they are still widely used for other applications such as Packaging, Product Brochures and printed Installation Guides, etc. Some of our clients choose to have a Clipping Path included with their cut out images. This is a post processing procedure that isolates your product from the white background. This allows your images to be placed onto different coloured backgrounds, or incorporated onto existing artwork for numerous web or print applications. The key thing to remember is that regardless of where you intend to show your product cut out images, you have to get the basics correct from the start:

1. Clear, descriptive lighting

2. Highlight the key areas of interest

Do you require an overall product image AND additional detail images?

3. File format

Have a clear understanding of the image file types that are required for your chosen use of the images; your web designer will probably require a different file format than your printer manager would.

4. Consider adding a clipping path

If you feel that you might want to use the images with anything other than a white background.

5. Timing is essential

Consider the required lead time to book in and ship your products to our studio, your required timeframe for the images to appear on your online applications and your printer’s deadline for any required printed sales and marketing collateral.   At 2020 we have a dedicated team who can help you maximise your investment in all aspects of your photography and art-working endeavours.

Please feel free to call us on 0113 272 0277 or drop us an email at info@2020pv.co.uk You can find examples of the wide range of photographic services that we provide here. We look forward to hearing from you!

How to move your products and services to the top of the class…

Ok – so the summer holidays are almost done and it will soon be time to go back to school & back to work!

Now is the time to get focused on your sales and marketing program.

Some people may already have a head start with this, but there’s plenty of time to get your project off the ground.

Our Photography & Design teams are preparing themselves to start a broad range of exciting projects on behalf of our clients.

Including a diverse range of studio and location photography scheduled into our diary as well as brochure layouts and branding for our design team to get their creative teeth into.

All very exciting stuff!



So how do you get yourself to the top of the class and get top marks for your marketing project?
It’s as simple as ABC….


A – Aspire

Don’t settle to be like the market leaders. Aspire to be the market leaders in your field.

You know your product.

We certainly know how to make it shine!

View our market leading photography portfolio here.

B – Budget

Make sure that you allocate your time and budget so that you get the greatest ROI for your sales and marketing project.

Our team can help you spend wisely where you need to and save whenever you can.

However, it’s not just about photography or video. Remember to factor in your design & print budget.

C – Commit

Make that call.

Send that email.

Start the conversation with our team.

We are always excited to meet new people & learn about your new products and services.

We guarantee that if you commit your time to discuss your requirements, you’ll receive 100% commitment from our team.


We look forward to helping you achieve top marks!

We Love Print!


2020 perfect vision -we love print

For years now, doomsayers have been predicting the death of print – screen is the way to go! Screen is cheap! Screen can reach a larger audience! – and while those points can be substantiated to a degree, print is still here. Why is that?

Print isn’t dead. Long live print.

My own view on the matter (which echoes my previous post where I talk briefly about the pros of real books versus digital) is that print is just better than screen. Actually, not better per se, it can just offer things which a screen cannot.

Print is personal. Print is tactile. Print comes in a myriad of formats and finishes, the possibilities limited only by your imagination (and the patience and expertise of your printer of course). Square, triangular, folded, embossed, laminated, spot UV, uncoated, gloss, perfect bound, stapled, gilded – so many options to choose from in order to make your beautifully designed brochure, flyer, business card, poster or whatever it is even more beautiful. Then at the end of it all, you get to hold the finished product in your own hands, feel the texture of the paper stock you carefully considered, admire the finish… Okay, so I’m getting a little carried away here. Ahem.

Get to the point!

The point of this somewhat romantic post is to tell you about our print service here at 2020. On top of our photography, product video, graphic design and digital furnishings services, our in-house digital printing press also allows us to offer you high quality, high volume, fast turnaround print on anything from business cards to brochures to posters.

We can advise you on format, paper stock, size, finish and everything in between, and for those with more ambitious goals, we also offer a print brokerage service, handling your print from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Feel free to ask us about our print service via our contact form, by phone on 0113 272 0277 or email mark@2020pv.co.uk.

Digital Brochures

advertising design by 2020

How to create an online brochure.

At 2020 we like a challenge!

So, when we were commissioned to provide one of our clients with an online version of their current product brochure – we jumped at the opportunity!

Historically, many companies have opted to generate a downloadable PDF document of their printed brochure. However, usability is typically limited to scrolling down through tens or hundreds of pages, which is both impractical and time consuming. Helping your customer get the answers that they require ASAP is key to customer satisfaction and completing that sale.


With our latest solution, hyper links to your own or external web content, calls to action, embedded video and indexable pages can all assist your customers to find their chosen product or service with the greatest of ease.


When 2020 began our R&D into this fairly new technology, we knew that there were 2 key considerations: Form & Function.



Firstly, we needed to have the capability to ensure that the digital brochures that we provide matched our clients brand guidelines.

Key considerations include logo, choice of font, layout format and brand colours.

Matching these parameters allows for a seamless transition between the printed and virtual brochures.


Function –

What devices would be used for viewing the brochure?

The usual suspects for viewing online browser versions of the brochure include: PC, Mac, I-pad, Tablets, Android, I-phone, etc.

With this in mind , the option that we provide for our clients benefits  from associated  cross platform functionality and enables both online and offline options. Due to the flexibility of this style of brochure, it can be used by demo or sales staff out in the field without the need for an internet connection. This function also works really well at Trade Shows or networking events, where the Auto scroll function allows the brochure to automatically change pages at your chosen speed. This effectively gives you a ‘video’ of your full product range and looks great when plugged into a large screen display on your stand.


Sounds like we have it all wrapped up? Well, we wouldn’t go that far! Pushing boundaries in both form and function is what we like to do here at 2020.


If you are looking for a digital version of your catalogue and would like additional functionality not listed in this post – get in touch. We are always enjoy a challenge!

Click here to view our latest brochure.

Or contact our team today to start the conversation.


Alternatively, if this sounds a little too contemporary for your tastes, feel free to speak to us about Graphic Design and Print.


Call our team on 0113 272 0277 or email us here.

Six tips to successful Jewellery photography

Jewellery Photography by 2020

Are you looking to develop a clearer understanding of how to get stunning photographs of your Jewellery products?

Whether you are looking for Product or Lifestyle photography, reading our six tips to successful Jewellery photography should help!

If you need to speak to us directly, please telephone us on 0113 272 0277.


1. Pick of the Crop

When providing your photographer with samples for photography, take time to select the best example that you have.Remember – no two items will be the same, look for undamaged chains, unscratched settings and the best example of Gemstones that you have. Yes, all of these defects can be fixed in post processing, but you may end up paying a premium to have this additional artwork carried out. Spending time on your pre-photography quality control can save you both time and money. If you need your photography for a tight deadline, then this simple hint can really help to speed up the turnaround process.

2. Clear Thoughts.

We’re not exactly suggesting that you need to take up meditation – but it may help…however, what you need is clarity. A clear understanding as to how you want your images to look. A great starting point would be to have a look online – what are other companies doing? What do you like about existing images & what changes would you like to make? Arriving at the photography studio with a clear idea how you would like your images to look will enable your photographer to maximize your time during the day. A top tip would be to email your photographer examples of the type of images that you hope to achieve – do this prior to the day of the shoot. That way they will be able to see what preparation is required.

3. Branding.

Putting aside any ideas of cowboys and cattle. This does not need to be in any way painful experience! With time, you should aim to develop a ‘style’ or ‘theme’ within your Jewellery Photography that offers your customers an easy way to identify your product as being yours. Developing a particular way of lighting, composing and adding the finishing touches to your products will really help to assist along side any company wide branding identity. It’s always worth considering applying this stylized photography retrospectively. Your top selling, long term Jewellery products can be bought up to date and given a new sparkle by having them re-photographed at the same time as your latest stock. You would be amazed at how inexpensive this can be if you arrange for them to be photographed at the same time.

4. What’s the point?!

The point of any form of photography is to tell a story. Within Jewellery Photography most images will generally fall into two main categories: Product or Lifestyle images. A good Product photographer will be able offer your customer a factual representation of your Jewellery product. These types of images are often referred to as White Background or Cut Out Photography. Key things to consider would be colour, shape, size, construction and key details that are important to that particular product. This is your opportunity to, quite literally, focus on the product’s USP. Lifestyle Jewellery Photography, that’s a very different concept altogether. The aim of a lifestyle image is to highlight the added value to life of your customer that the product could bring. A lifestyle image, especially within the Jewellery industry, should offer Enrichment, Glamour, Class, Style, Fun, Belonging and Quality. The image should be aspirational rather than pictorial and factual. Good Jewellery Lifestyle Photography is supported by props that tell a story and sometimes will include a model wearing the Bracelet, Ring or Watch, offering your customer an insight as to the lifestyle benefits of your product.

5. Copyright – I paid for them so I own the images, right?

Ask the question! Check the terms and conditions offered by your chosen studio. You may wish to ask the following questions: Can I use the images globally on the web or in print? Do I have to pay an annual fee to maintain these rights? Should I choose to use a professional model in the shoot, if so what are the terms and conditions imposed by the model agency?

6. Export Format.

What exactly are High Res JPGs, 72DPI, TIFF & PNG’s? Are we speaking the same language? The chances are that your photographer will ask you what format you require the final images in. If you are in Print Management, Marketing or are a Web designer, then you probably know what export format your looking for. Your requirements will be based on what you intend to do with the images once you have them – Print? Web? Point of Sale? Trade Show Display? Research all potential uses for your images and ask about obtaining the correct file type for each purpose at the time of the shoot. Please be aware that some photography studios will charge you extra for access to your files and additional formats at a later date!

Fingers crossed!

We hope that armed with these 6 top tips, you’ll be able to navigate the potentially hazardous route to getting the stunning Jewellery Photography that your products deserve.

Help! – I need Answers!

At 2020, our studio team are experts in creating beautiful, bespoke Jewellery Photography. It’s what we do, week in, week out. If you are looking to arrange photography for your jewellery products or could benefit from free advice – then please do get in touch. -We warmly welcome any questions that you may have. We look forward to hearing from you! Please contact Mark on0113 272 0277 or email mark@2020pv.co.uk

Examples of our jewellery photography can be found here.

How We Can Place Your Products & Services in Their Best Light

Hello! Coffee in hand? Great, continue reading for an overview of the services we have to offer you and business. If you like what you see, contact us via the details at the bottom of the post.





Photography has very little to do with cameras!
It’s more about understanding the complexities of light.
Our studio has a vast array of specialist Studio & Location lighting equipment.
The 2020 team of full time expert photographers, work with our clients to show their products and services in the best possible light.
Whatever type of photography your organisation requires, you can be assured that our team are experienced in that field.
To discuss your company’s photographic requirements please feel free to contact us on 0113 272 0277.
Examples of our photography can be viewed here.

Graphic Design:
The 2020 design team delight in providing enthusiastic, creative ideas and recommendations to get your company message clearly heard.
We approach every project with great care with the aim to surpass your expectations.
Our services cover branding, exhibition, POS, promotional, website, advetising, social media and packaging.
For examples of our graphic design, view our promotional brochure here.

2020 offer a short run, high quality print service, which is backed by our fast turnaround times.

Our clients benefit by utilising the 2020 in-house, state of the art digital print press which provides incredible quality without the need for large print runs.
At 2020 we also offer a print brokerage service for higher volume print runs. We will handle your print project from start to finish, ensuring you peace of mind and a top quality finish.

We help you to find the perfect product to represent your company. When combined with your logo and colour scheme, you can be sure that your brand identity will be clearly noticeable.

Digital flip books:
Have you got existing PDF brochures on your website?
2020 can give them a fresh interactive look, which enables them to be easily viewed on smart phones and tablets.
Ideal for online instructional and specification brochures, or a simple way to add a fresh coat of paint to your product & service brochure.
So, this sounds great, but you haven’t created your brochure yet?  – Feel free to contact our graphic design team for advice on where to start!

Click here to see an example of one of our digital flip books.

Product / Support Videos:
Video can help to inform your potential new clients about the quality and functionality of your products and services.
They can also be an ideal way of attracting customers to your website.
As well as being a great support tool for answering your customers F.A.Q’s, (lets be honest, nobody takes the time to read a long list of frequently asked questions anymore).
A short, inexpensive video, which can include music, a voice over and graphics to support your product or services could be ideal for this purpose.
We handle the whole process in house, from storyboard through to your final delivered project. Enabling our clients to enjoy the role of choosing what to include within their message.
Take a look at our YouTube channel for examples of our product videos.

Feel free to ask us about this exciting new service via our contact form, by phone on 0113 272 0277 or email (mark@2020pv.co.uk).