We Love Print!


2020 perfect vision -we love print

For years now, doomsayers have been predicting the death of print – screen is the way to go! Screen is cheap! Screen can reach a larger audience! – and while those points can be substantiated to a degree, print is still here. Why is that?

Print isn’t dead. Long live print.

My own view on the matter (which echoes my previous post where I talk briefly about the pros of real books versus digital) is that print is just better than screen. Actually, not better per se, it can just offer things which a screen cannot.

Print is personal. Print is tactile. Print comes in a myriad of formats and finishes, the possibilities limited only by your imagination (and the patience and expertise of your printer of course). Square, triangular, folded, embossed, laminated, spot UV, uncoated, gloss, perfect bound, stapled, gilded – so many options to choose from in order to make your beautifully designed brochure, flyer, business card, poster or whatever it is even more beautiful. Then at the end of it all, you get to hold the finished product in your own hands, feel the texture of the paper stock you carefully considered, admire the finish… Okay, so I’m getting a little carried away here. Ahem.

Get to the point!

The point of this somewhat romantic post is to tell you about our print service here at 2020. On top of our photography, product video, graphic design and digital furnishings services, our in-house digital printing press also allows us to offer you high quality, high volume, fast turnaround print on anything from business cards to brochures to posters.

We can advise you on format, paper stock, size, finish and everything in between, and for those with more ambitious goals, we also offer a print brokerage service, handling your print from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Feel free to ask us about our print service via our contact form, by phone on 0113 272 0277 or email mark@2020pv.co.uk.