Rock climbing

Product Photography

From ropes and rucksacks to clothes and carabiners, we can take your rock climbing product photography to new heights.

Rock climbing product photography can cover a wide range of items and our expert photographers will light and shoot each product to show it clearly and at its best. This includes clothing or other fabric items, which will be checked for loose threads and marks, and metallic, plastic or other items with reflective surfaces, which will be polished and shot without unwanted reflections.

Rock Climbing PhotographersRock climbing is an energetic and dynamic sport and we are always happy to take a shoot out on location to show your products in action. We have an excellent relationship with a local modelling company and can help you source models at a reasonable cost.

Alternatively, we can shoot any rock climbing product against our warehouse studio infinity curve, either to show it on a white background or for digital cutting out to place it on a different colour background. We can even recreate an outdoor background for your product without leaving the studio.

Climbing shoes are, of course, completely different from regular sports shoes and we can ensure that they are presented to show off their specific functions and attributes.

At 2020, we are known for our attention to detail, a definite asset when photographing unusual items such as belays or cams. We can produce top-quality close-up shots of smaller items for your catalogues or website and we offer excellent rates on bulk shoots.

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