At 2020, we provide an umbrella service of photography, design and print all under one roof. Not only is this more cost-effective for our clients but it also means that your project is carefully managed, ensuring consistency, efficiency and high standards from start to finish. It also saves you the time and trouble of liaising with several different companies.

Creative design and high-quality print are essential to the successful promotion of your brand, products and services.

Our in-house designers will work closely with you to make sure that all your design needs are met, from updating or devising a new brand, to creating effective printed promotional material, to website design. Our strength lies in our ability to build strong relationships with our clients, understand your products and devise a way to creatively promote them.

Through digital retouching and manipulation, we can add creative touches, clean up an image or document and add colour, text or illustrations to images and charts.

Design & Print

We also offer a convenient print management service, allowing our clients to progress from concept to design to print without having to use several different companies. In house we can provide short-run, high-quality print with fast turnaround times, using our state-of-the-art digital print press. For high-volume print runs or more complex work, we provide a print brokering service.


The team at 2020 are experts in a broad range of graphic design and print, including:

  • Promotional material/POS
    – flyers/leaflets
    – posters
    – roller banners
    – packaging/display
    – advertisements
    – social media
    – web content
  • Signage/large format
    – wayfinding
    – banners
  • Publications/magazines

If you would like to see some examples of our graphic design services, then please visit our design and print portfolio.

Call us to talk about your design and print requirements today on 0113 272 0277, and we will be happy to discuss the best way in which we can meet them.

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