2020 Breakfast

This promotional USB is one of our favorite promotional tools and we’re really pleased with it. Its got multiple uses’ – key ring, branding, 8GB USB, which is just like us with our print, design, photography and promotional merchandise.

The photos were a great opportunity for new photographer Leon and new Creative Marketing Assistant Tom to work together on a creative project, and get to know each other. Normally taken just before hometime it was a way to unwind after a days work while still creating some exciting imagery. What started out as quite simple functional photos became by the end of the series rather more comical and absurd!


Belt loop USB  Key in the door


We think its important to have fun and stay creative with our shots. Although we are experts at product, and white background shots thats not all we can do and we really wanted to show this. The pictures also make for great Twitter and Facebook images, surveys show that people are much more likely to engage with a post that has an image attached. It can be hard to grab peoples attention with a run of the mill white background shot and something unusual will make people want to engage and find out more.


USB Keyring Man USB portrait   USB Tree

If you would like to know more about either our photography or USB please give us a ring on 0113 272 0277

2020 Breakfast


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