Furniture Photography


Although we take great pains to prepare your furniture prior to starting the shoot, there are always aspects of any image that will need cleaning up or correcting. With furniture shot within a room set, there is the additional issue of minor defects on walls or floors.

Using Photoshop, we are able to enhance your furniture photography, cleaning up the images, removing any marks, scratches, loose threads, picture hook holes etc, straightening vertical lines and digitally adjusting the colours and tones.

Roomset Photography ArtworkingAt 2020, we have colour-calibrated computers for careful colour matching. This is especially important when we are undertaking work for clients whose furniture photography has to match the product closely, for example carpets, upholstery, tiles and soft furnishings. By getting your colours right, we will help keep your customers happy and avoid costly returns.

Artworking is an artform in itself, and our commitment to attention to detail will help make your furniture photography the best it can be.

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