Cut-out photography requires a particular skill and approach, especially when composition of multiple products is involved. At 2020 we have established a reputation as experts in the field.

2020 has an enviable reputation for producing excellent results in packshot photography, time and time again. The fact that a large proportion of our photography is with repeat clients is testament to the high quality of the images we produce and the efficiency of our process.

Our large infinity curve gives us the option of shooting a wide range of products against a white background. The images can then be digitally enhanced, cropped and placed against whatever background is most appropriate for your catalogue. We are known for our attention to detail, which means that your products will always be carefully cleaned, lit and staged before shooting starts. Our expert photographers will liaise closely with you to ensure that all your photography needs are met. If you need a large quantity of images we can offer excellent rates and we particularly welcome repeat clients with whom we can form a long-lasting relationship.


Our New Service: Product Video!

Professional photography is an essential tool when it comes to presenting and selling your products, either in printed matter or online. It enhances credibility and inspires consumer trust by creating a atmosphere of professionalism, building confidence in your brand....

The New Recruits!

There has been a flurry of new starters at 2020 with three team members joining in the last month. Last year we devised a fun but also highly scientfic personality test "Sweet, Sour, Bath, Shower" Rather than asking a set of tried and tested questions, we thought we...

Trade secrets of a cosmetics photographer

We have a wide range of experience in product photography, recently we have been focusing on cosmetics. Simon, one of our inhouse photographers is quite an expert in this area having previously worked with clients such as Avon. He explains in detail the steps he has...

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