Personalised stationary and greeting card photography may cover birthday and anniversary cards, Christmas cards, wedding stationery and a range of miscellaneous greeting cards, as well as other types of stationery.

Commercial Product Photographers

Many suppliers of personalised stationary and greeting cards can find themselves disappointed with the photography provided by some companies, in particular when the item has textured features, such as foil writing and images. The 2020 photographers are experts at lighting and shooting reflective surfaces to produce the perfect image.stationary and greeting card photography - contact us

Whether the item is going to be presented in a straightforward shoot or digitally cut out and placed on a different background for a catalogue or website, we will make sure we get the best shots of your cards and stationery.

If you have a range of several items you would like to show, we can set up group shots and appealing arrangements. We can also take different shots of the same item, for example to show the exterior and interior of a card or to highlight a particular feature.stationary and greeting card photography - find out more

Once we have taken the shots, we will digitally enhance the images, remove any marks and check for colour matching.

If you have a large number of different cards and personalised stationary you would like photographing for a catalogue or website, we can offer excellent rates on bulk shots. Talk to our photography department and they will be happy to chat through the options.

Commercial Product Photographers


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