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Mobility product photography can range from mobility scooters for the pavement or the road, to stairlifts and home furniture, such as recliner beds, sofas and chairs. As well as general shots of the product taken at different angles, mobility product photography needs to show the full range of features of each item, such as close-up shots of wheels, dials and operational buttons and levers.

Mobility Product Photography by 2020pv

Products such as mobility scooters and stairlifts require a high outlay and the purchaser will want to see good quality images of the item in question.

With folding mobility scooters, you may require shots taken from several angles to show how the scooter operates and folds up. You may also want to show the differences between pavement mobility scooters and road mobility scooters.

At 2020, we have a lot of experience of lighting and shooting products to produce the best results and take the time to build good relationships with our clients. Within our warehouse studio we are able to or shoot products within a specially built room set or against our large infinity curve.

If your mobility product photography would benefit from the use of a model, we can source appropriate models for you from a local company. We can also shoot your products out on location, or add in a suitable background through digital manipulation.

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