In addition to studio work, we have the technology, facilities and experience to undertake location photography for our clients.

Once we have established that a client requires location photography, our photographers will liaise with you to work out the best date and time of day to shoot on location, as well as discussing your specific needs in advance of the shoot.

As we are able to take our usual cameras on a location photography shoot, your images will be of exactly the same high quality as those taken in the studio. We will also bring portable lighting equipment to ensure that your images are appropriately lit where necessary.

During the shoot, our photographers will be able to view and retouch all images taken on our laptops in situ, including cleaning up images, digitally adjusting the colours or cropping as necessary. This means that the client will not have to wait until we return to the studio but can see the images immediately and make decisions about the shoot as it happens.


The New Recruits!

There has been a flurry of new starters at 2020 with three team members joining in the last month. Last year we devised a fun but also highly scientfic personality test "Sweet, Sour, Bath, Shower" Rather than asking a set of tried and tested questions, we thought we...

How to make your light drawings sparkle

We’ve created this dazzling image for Bonfire night. Its created using a technique called light writing or light drawing. By using a long exposure a trail of light is captured giving the effect you see here. We’ve used a sparkler to give it that Bonfire night feel....

The Importance of Professional Product Photography

Research show that buyers rate photographs as the single most useful tool in choosing a product. 80% of information that we process is visual, so good quality images in a catalogue make a significant impression. A single picture of a product provides a wealth of...

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