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Infinity Tool Video by 2020

Professional photography is an essential tool when it comes to presenting and selling your products, either in printed matter or online. It enhances credibility and inspires consumer trust by creating a atmosphere of professionalism, building confidence in your brand. At 2020, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to showing off your product in it’s best light, and we now offer a new service to coincide with your product photography and make the most of your investment in us; Product Video.

Product Video is a great way to enable your customers to see your product in action, in a beautifully shot sequence that looks every bit as professional as your product photos. In post production, we can incorporate music and even graphics to ensure your product and message is communicated in the most effective way, giving you even more opportunity to reach your audience.

Please take a look below to see one of our recent product videos:


Feel free to ask us about this exciting new service via our contact form, by phone on 0113 272 0277 or email (mark@2020pv.co.uk).

How to choose a company logo: Life Cycle of a Logo.


If you want your logo to have an impact and give a good representation of your company, your best approach is to work with a professional design company.




Design experts will be able to help you decide how you want to portray your company, from the design and shape of your logo to the specific colours you choose. Company branding is important to get right: it can say a lot about your business, your approach and your ethos.

Choosing a logo for a new company

If you are starting out in business, you’ll find it helpful to chat to a designer about your company and what message you would like to portray through your logo.

A professional design and print company will have experience of different types of logos and will understand how to best represent your business using a particular image and/or typeface. They will also understand how it will best translate into print and online content.

To help you think about the process of creating a logo and how you can use this in your own business, we have created a video called:

The Lifecycle of a Logo.

This starts – literally – at the drawing board – where ideas are tried out, discarded or kept. From there we move on to a digital design programme, where the ideas take a much more precise and exact form. At this point we’ll select a few designs to show the client for feedback. Once they have chosen their preferred design, we will develop it further, until they are happy with the end result. Once we have a logo, it will give us the building blocks to create the client’s business cards, stationery and, if required, website design.

The importance of communication in design At 2020 we have always valued good communication with our clients. By constantly keeping the client in the loop, reporting back with our progress and responding to the client’s feedback, we can ensure that every client is happy with their final design.

If you’re starting in business and need help with your logo and branding, or you’re looking to freshen up the way you portray your company, give us a call on 0113 272 0277. View our helpful video for tips and advice: The Lifecycle of a Logo.

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